group7 - JR.tiff

Jacob Porter - Vocals/Guitar

Chase Medlin - Bass

About State of Illusion

Life is often comprised of our reactions.  Negatives can be turned into positives through the way we look at situations or how hard we are willing to work for what we love.  At least, that’s the philosophy that Greenville, SC-based rock band State of Illusion have adopted.

Though the rock act has had many successes, including memorable performances with artists such as Staind (hand-selected by vocalist Aaron Lewis), Cold, Chevelle, 10 Years, Lamb of God, All That Remains, Pop Evil, Puddle of Mudd, Saliva, Fuel, Flaw, Smile Empty Soul, The Veer Union, Tantric, Like a Storm, etc., State of Illusion have faced more than their fair share of adversity.

While supporting their last studio album, Aphelion (which cracked the top 100 worldwide rock charts), State of Illusion took another dose of their well-documented bad luck (see the documentary One More Song – A Decade of State of Illusion from their DVD, State of Illusion – Live), cycling through band members and failing to establish a permanent lineup.  The disbanding of the most recent lineup and a year-long bout with writer's block, however, has not deterred founder, vocalist, and guitarist Jacob Porter, who viewed these roadblocks as an opportunity for a fresh start.

State of Illusion's long-anticipated next release,
Pluto's Ghost, takes the band's sound to the next level with its many textures and range of sonic landscapes.  With soaring-yet ethereal, simple-yet-complex radio-ready single “Starlight" to heavy-yet-melodic tracks, "Artificial Paradise" and "Wasted Life," to quiet moments, highlighted in the reflective "Home," State of Illusion's next album takes the sound established on Aphelion to new heights and promises to be a launching point for the band.